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Business intelligence comes from your company's applications, which are its lifeblood. They power your operations and provide a seamless user experience to your partners and customers. This makes it very important to trust your IT solution with a reliable and trusted IT service provider. Among many reasons, the most prominent ones to trust SNAK as your Enterprise IT Solution provider are:
  • Drive your business towards success with sound technology decisions.
  • Align your business priorities with the latest trends with our developer team which is up to date with the latest technology.
  • Improve your internal processes and enhance your work productivity with industry-standard work processes.
  • As a reliable growth partner, you can trust 100% on us for on-time quality delivery of your product.
  • Have a team of highly experienced experts with multiple years of experience in the application services business, and develop innovative, high-quality applications.
  • Improve your business productivity with strategic initiatives and affordable IT solutions

Big Data & Analytics Solution

SNAK Big data & Analytics solutions have your back. The entire data lifecycle consists of data identification, processing, and integration to visualization. Our key expertise and solutions are as follows:

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Big Data & Analytics Solution
DevOps Solution

DevOps Solution

Enhance your business process by removing the barriers between traditionally dispersed teams, development, and operations. With our DevOps solutions, you can enhance your teamwork productivity. Our DevOps/ DevSecOps best practices are as follows:

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Data Migration Solution

Have absolutely no data loss because we are there to help you at each step of the migration process. Data migration capabilities that we offer include:

  • Study AS-IS source system data and To-BE target System Data
  • Design data migration transformation approach
  • Build an affordable custom solution
  • No data loss with multiple data load cycles
  • Share data load reports for business validation and analysis

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Data Migration Solution
Cloud Solution

Salesforce Solution

We are experts when it comes to Salesforce consulting. Integration, Implementation, Migration, Upgradation, Support, and Maintenance. Under the salesforce umbrella, we offer the following service:

  • Salesforce CRM
  • Salesforce Analytics Cloud
  • Salesforce Community Cloud
  • Salesforce cloud services

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