Manufacturing | MS SharePoint Online Portal and SAP Integration


About the Client:

Our client is India's largest Electrical Manufacturer who operates with a philosophy to carve out a niche in the global fan industry. The vision is to evolve into a premier lifestyle home solutions provider. Having more than 60% of the Indian fan export market, the company is India’s largest manufacturer and exporter. Currently, they operate in more than 35 countries and have earned the trust of millions of customers by providing cutting-edge lifestyle electrical products.


To manage vendor onboarding and contracts on time, the company faced the following challenges before digital transformation:

  • Registration of vendors manually through email or phone
  • The manual approval process for vendors by various departments via email resulted in time consumption and missed deadlines.
  • The management of contracts and documents online cannot be centralized
  • The status of vendor onboarding and agreement status is difficult to track for management stakeholders
  • The SAP system must be manually synced to open new vendor codes and update their details
  • Manually provide Business Partner code to vendors by phone or email

The Objectives – Digital Transformation Process:

The client's primary objective for digital transformation was centered around:

  • Digitize vendor onboarding process
  • Digitize vendor documents in a central repository
  • Digitize the vendor renewal process and their agreement
  • Sync data in SAP in real-time

SNAK – From Evolution to Implementation:

SNAK team followed the below steps for digital transformation:

  • Build an online portal where vendors can register themselves based on client requests and provide all documents online.
  • Build an online workflow approval process for vendor approval
  • Integrate with SAP system to open Business Partner code for vendor
  • Establish an online process for renewing vendor agreements and contracts, including an approval workflow

Implemented Solution Capability:

The implemented solution offers the following capabilities:

  • System based Request Initiation
  • System based email communication
  • Online Vendor form submission online
  • Online Workflow to have all approvals
  • Auto alerts in case vendor agreements are getting expired on the user dashboard
  • Legacy Vendor Data migration of existing
  • SAP integration for Vendor Code/ Business Partner Code generation

Platforms/Technology used:

  • Office 365 SharePoint Online
  • MS Flow
  • Integration with SAP using REST API
  • HTML5 with responsive designs


After implementing the solution by SNAK Team, these were the advantages gained by the client:

  • Speed up the vendor onboarding process
  • Speed up the vendor renewal process
  • Centralized document repository to manage all vendor documents
  • Speed up the workflow approval process and avoid missing the documents
  • Web-Based user experience and mobile browser experience
  • Opening the vendor code/business partner code in real-time after all necessary approval in SAP
  • Increased auto email communication to provide essential information to a vendor

Results/ Matrices:

  • 95% efficiency in the creation of vendor code using a portal
  • 75% faster to search the old agreement and create the renewal on time
  • 95% reduction in manual email approval in the vendor onboarding process
  • Registered vendor on portal – 20% increase in 2020 and 50% increase in 2021

A great team effort went into this project! Implementation was a success, and we were able to improve client operations in the end dramatically.

- SNAK Consultancy

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