Our Code of Conduct

Employee Code of Conduct

SNAK Consultancy Services (SCS) has been incorporated with the noble intention of serving the business community, utilising innovative techniques. We at SCS are aware of the existing grand number of IT & ITES organisations, which invariably will grow. As well as we are confident enough to establish our own space via an innovative approach towards futuristic business solutions. This Code of Conduct shall frame the unique track for legitimate operations with a high level of standards for business conduct.

SCS, being an equal opportunities employer, ensures through this code of conduct an equal platform for all associates of SCS. We consistently strive for upholding our values, ethics, business principles and commitments. For team SCS, this code of conduct shall never be less than the lamp post

SCS shall always be open to incorporating any & all sorts of positive changes/suggestions by virtue of an evolving world. This code of conduct is subject to betterment at any instance.

Team SCS and all associates of SCS are expected to go through and comprehend this Code of Conduct sincerely. Our company believes that this code of conduct will garner respect and recognition, become part of our core values, and enable us to reach great heights for all of us in the business world.

This code of conduct shall be an unconditional way of professional behaviour at SCS. It gives me immense pleasure to launch this Code of Conduct in anticipation of kind support from all of you!

Gaurav Bansal

Founder and CEO

National Interest

SCS's operations and executions are dedicated to replenishing and enriching the country’s socio-economic development in which it operates to the extent possible and affordable. SCS shall ensure that its operations shall not prove to be directly and/ or indirectly intimidation to the nation/s in which it is operational and/ or to the nation/s of its clients. And, of course, all operations shall be in accordance with the laws of the land.

Legitimate Business

SCS will certainly obtain and conduct business/es which are legitimate and ethical. The paramount quality of our products and services, along with our competitive prices, is our prime strength to capture and sustain in the market. We shall never use crutches of unfair/unethical business tactics to generate profits. We shall always ensure that even any third party does not violate SCS's policies and principles. Our primary focus, " Technology for Life '' shall be nurtured throughout our operations.

Respect for All

SCS will certainly obtain and conduct business/es which are legitimate and ethical. The paramount quality of our products and services, along with our competitive prices, is our prime strength to capture and sustain in the market. We shall never use crutches of unfair/unethical business tactics to generate profits. We shall always ensure that even any third party does not violate SCS's policies and principles. Our primary focus, " Technology for Life '' shall be nurtured throughout our operations.

As an organisation, SCS aims at phenomenal achievements with excellence. This aim can only be achieved by co-operation, trust, open and honest communications, exchanging ideas and thoughts, and a respectful work culture. Every employee should show proper respect towards his/her peers, subordinates and supervisors. All of us should work efficiently in a team valuing everyone's suggestions and contributions, keeping the final organisational goal intact.

Even in case of any sort of negative or opposite stand, we at SCS shall maintain dignity whatsoever.

Group Policy

SKILL is the lead company for SCS. Initial Capital & Control, along with business concepts, strategies, conduct & future, shall always have the primary consent of SKILL management. SKILL has a diversified presence in the business world. Any business entity in any way in association with SKILL or its associate companies shall always have reasonable priority at SCS.

Of course, these preferences are for the betterment of business and are a token of extending courtesy towards the parent organisation.


Shareholders will ensure a continuous flow of capital and bear the business risks. It is our responsibility to maintain and manage this flow of capital and ensure business stability within the legitimate framework. SCS shall strive the best to assure goodwill for the organisation and fair returns on investment for Shareholders. The investors shall be kept informed about all endeavours of SCS.

Health and Safety

SCS attaches great importance to a healthy and safe work environment. It is committed to providing good physical working conditions and high hygiene standards. Every associate of SCS is responsible for maintaining a safe and healthy environment. Particular attention is paid to increasing safety awareness and adopting secure working methods among the employees.

Every workstation must be set up correctly to maintain a comfortable working environment. Ensure performance and functionality of all electronic items by conducting a proper audit. All office properties must be protected from fire, water, and electrical danger.

Properly filtered and purified drinking water and good standards of hygiene and sanitation are to be provided and maintained for replenishing our associates with good health. The entire office premises of SCS are strictly no–smoking zones, and we are a non–alcohol and non-drug supporting organisation.

Green Policy

SCS acknowledges its responsibility towards the environment also. Keeping in mind the deteriorating conditions of the environment, SCS shall ensure that its activities do not hamper the environmental conditions to a large extent and shall ensure proper usage and conservation of natural resources. We shall ensure that there shall be judicial usage of air conditioners in office premises to not contribute to global warming. Enough care would be taken for the plantations in the office premises to maintain the balance of oxygen and carbon-di-oxide. SCS requests its associates and everyone else present in the office for minimum usage of paper, conservation of energy by turning off their systems and lights when not in use and ensuring the protection of natural resources by minimal wastage of water.

Equal Opportunities for All

SCS is committed to providing assistance and encouragement to its employees in their career development and achieving personal goals. The organisation ensures to follow the below-mentioned guidelines to encourage and develop its employees:

  • To select, place and pay employees based on their qualifications and the work to be performed without discrimination based on race, religion, gender, marital status, and disability
  • To provide training, education, and transparent promotional opportunities that permit employees’ career development.
  • To conduct performance appraisals of the employees, reward the deserving people, and mentor the employees to achieve their personal and professional goals.
  • Priority is given to onboard members when promotions or upgrade opportunities arise.
  • To avoid favouritism in the workplace at all levels.
  • To respect an individual's privacy and collect and retain employees’ personal information, a proper audit of all electronic equipment and gadgets ensures functioning and performance—information to the extent necessary by the organisation.

To maintain a comfortable working environment, ensure the proper arrangement is held for each workstation. All premises are to be protected against fire, water & electricity.

We must provide and maintain reasonable standards of hygiene and sanitation to keep our associates healthy. Our water must be filtered and purified correctly. The entire office premises of SCS are strictly no–smoking zones, and we are a non–alcohol and non-drug supporting organisation.

Quality of Products and Services

SCS loves to humbly announce that clients can trust our products for their reliability, quality, and superior performance, backed by prompt after-sales services to guarantee total satisfaction to our clients and live up to the statement "Made with Pride at SCS". SCS shall deliver any product or service only after complying with the set norms of SCS', in addition to clients’ expectations and requirements. We consistently strive for upgrading know-how and technology to assure high-quality performance and standards throughout.

Political Non-Alignment

SCS strongly discourages any kind of direct or indirect political contributions or support. This includes:

  • Any contribution of company funds or assets for political purposes.
  • Encouraging any associate to make any such contributions.
  • Reimbursing any associate for such a contribution.
  • Indirect contributions like fundraising, volunteer work during the company's working hours, or company facilities for fundraising or political support.

Any such act which is predefined and pre-approved by Management having purely social cause shall be excluded from this and is permissible, conditionally.

Protection of Proprietary Information

SCS's proprietary information includes trade secrets, strategic objectives, design plans, patents, trademarks, unpublished information, business research, new product plans and client information. This information is an asset of SCS and its clients. Hence, privacy and protection of these assets play a vital role in SCS's continuous growth and its ability to compete.

Team SCS and its associates extend their trustworthy hand to the business world to rely on us.

Protection of Company Assets

  • General: Protection of the company's assets is the prime responsibility of all associates of SCS. Every associate is responsible for the proper usage of the company assets and must safeguard them against loss, damage, misuse, and theft. The company’s assets are to be used for the company's business purposes. Use of company assets for personal purposes is strictly prohibited.
  • Company brand and logo: "SCS" and "Technology for Life" are registered trademarks of the company. Associates of SCS are strictly prohibited from misusing the company brand and logo for personal benefit or for the benefit of others to avoid any kind of legal action against them.
  • Company Funds: Every associate of SCS is responsible for ensuring appropriate usage of company funds. Company funds must be used for the company's business purposes only with prior permission. Associates must ensure that the company receives good value for the funds invested/spent and shall be in accordance with policies and procedures.
  • Electronic Equipment: SCS strives to furnish employees with the equipment necessary to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. Infrastructure, including electronic equipment, forms the backbone of the IT organisation. Employees must take proper care of the equipment and responsibly use them for the company's purposes only. If any employee is permitted to use the company's equipment outside office premises for the company's business purposes, s/he shall safeguard it from damage, theft, or misplacement. Employees should also ensure that the electronic communication device/s provided to them by the organisation, which includes computers, mobiles, laptops, email connections, should be used in a legal, ethical, and appropriate manner. SCS reserves the right to access and monitor all employees’ internet usage files and information.
  • Software: Employees are strictly prohibited from using or downloading illegal or unauthorised copy/s of software/s with SCS's infrastructure. Any employee, if found to do so, shall be subject to disciplinary action. Employees who notice any inappropriate functioning of the electronic system shall report it to the HR Manager.

Financial Reporting and Records

The financial position of SCS and the results of its operations shall be recorded and maintained in accordance with the requirements of law. SCS shall ensure that:

  • All financial records shall be documented and maintained accurately in compliance with accounting and financial reporting standards.
  • The audit procedures shall reflect all the company's business transactions and disposition of assets.
  • Every required information shall be provided to the company's auditors to maintain transparency.
  • No associate of SCS shall produce any misinformation to the external world, leading to the violation of this code of conduct and inviting action against the concerned associate.

Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest pertains to situation/s in which the interest/s or consideration/s of an employee conflict with the interest/s of the organisation. Associates of SCS are to stay in isolation from the external world when it comes to the business or business interests of SCS and/or its clients. Every associate of SCS must avoid situations in which their personal interest could conflict directly or indirectly with the interest of the Company. The areas where conflict of interest might arise can be concurrent or parallel employment and sharing ideas plans with non–associates of SCS, including non-relevant associates.

Public Representation of Company and Group

SCS aims to achieve its vision and to sustain that achievement, apart from attaining business plans. It is necessary to communicate our achievements and plans most effectively through media to our investors and clients (existing and potential). The public image of SCS is an asset of vital importance for the organisation, so it needs to be used under the proper guidance and approval of the management of the organisation.

This policy is about maintaining effective and healthy relations with the media and about legally safeguarding the confidential information to be released in the media. Any media interaction regarding the company's business affairs must be approved by the management of SCS and through management representatives well in advance. SCS shall ensure that all statements released to the media should be fair and transparent. Prior approval of the client/s must be taken in case of their reference in media interactions.

Anti-Bribery Policy

SCS believes in carrying out its business affairs ethically; hence it prohibits the idea of receiving and offering gifts, payments, or other benefits, directly or indirectly, to achieve business objectives.

It is entirely unacceptable to give and receive gift/s, payments, or other benefits to influence any business decision. Associate/s shall not provide or receive gift/s, payments or other benefits except the organisation's official business promotion material/s. Associates are expected to refrain from entering any kind of bribery act, which can tarnish the individual's and organisation's image.


SCS ensures to follow the laws made by the country in which it operates to encourage free and fair competition. These laws often regulate the company's relationship with clients, dealers, and distributors. Competition law also addresses pricing practices, terms of sale, promotional allowances, and trade secrets. SCS ensures that it shall not follow any unethical practice to capture the market.

SCS strictly prohibits any kind of behaviour by its employees that may be perceived as industrial espionage or commercial bribery. Employees are required to avoid entering agreement/s and/or discussions with competitors about any matter relating to competition between SCS and its competitors, such as product prices, business plans, market strategies, target market. Employees should not enter any kind of agreement/s or arrangements to monopolise the market in an unethical manner to exclude competitors.

Further, SCS does not encourage its employees to disclose and/ or utilise the confidential information associated with their previous employment to make business strategies and compete unethically.

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